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Raid shadow legends shard drop rates

In this article, you can get raid shadow legends guide and secrets about how to play, how to get rewards and hidden cheats about clothes. In this raid shadow legends guide and tips, you will learn all the secrets and tricks of the passing game, how to develop correctly, read the user guides.

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The game is based on pumping and collecting heroes. The main goal is to select and develop an excellent team for the passage of the Company, the Underground and become a leader in the Arena.

There are a lot of heroes in the game, and each of them has its own meaning: some serve as an aid for the further development of powerful characters, others easily go through the company alone, some are considered the coolest in the Arena.

Fractional membership determines the possibility of wearing special attributes. If an item belongs to one race, then a representative of another faction cannot take it. The attribute is a piece of special costume jewelry, serves as an additional factor and influences the characteristics of the hero who wears it.

More characters are divided into belonging to the elements. The first three elements are interrelated: Magic beats the Spirit, the Spirit is stronger than the Force, and the Force predominates over Magic. In the center of the triangle is the Darkness, which has no weaknesses against other elements. Poems affect the development: each character in the game can enhance their initial skills with the help of special potions. For example, if a player wants to improve the characteristics of skills, he must get the potion of his element.

And, of course, each character has its own role in the game. All of their attacks depend on which class the characters belong to. Thanks to their class, the player can choose the equipment for the champions.

The game has 3 classes:. These heroes will be useful in any activity, they are good everywhere. Thanks to their skills, they take out many dungeons. Belongs to the Dark Elves faction, belong to the class of Attack and element — Darkness. It is taken from the fragments element — Darkness.You need your Champions every bit as much as they need you. You can unlock or recruit them through multiple avenues. Shards come in different types, and each can drop Champions of differing degrees of rarity.

Each game mode rewards victors with specific types of Shards. Shards can also appear as one-time rewards from Progress Missions, from regular Challenge rewards, as day login rewards, and through limited-time in-game events. All of these Shards are also available to purchase through special offers and as bundles within the in-game shop. Every single battle in the campaign offers multiple Champions through the miscellaneous drops that can as victory reward loot drops.

In addition to Shard unlocks, the rarest of the RAID: Shadow Legends Champions can be acquired via the completion of specific, and often very difficult, quests or achievements. These Champions are the ultimate prize for consistency and dedication, as none of them are easy to acquire. They require a significant investment of time or effort. To learn which Champions you can unlock via achievements or quests, simply tap on either menu from the Bastion.

At the conclusion of this tutorial battle, all four of your Champions will fall at the hands of your enemy.

Android secrets RAID Shadow Legends: tips, tricks, cheat, hacks apk bug free mode (no download).

Afterward, the player is presented with the opportunity to revive one of these four Champions to build their initial army around. Galek : An Attack Champion from the Orc Faction with impressively high speeds and a defensive debuff. One of the most important factors in determining the strength and ability of your Champions is their rarity.

Part of the diversity that defines Champions comes from the Types assigned to them. Attack: These are your premier damage dealers. Instead of providing health and cures, though, these Champions protect your squad by providing defensive protection. They can soak up quite a beating during battles thanks to their great physical endurance, and they often wield valuable secondary skills as well.

Support: These Champions will supply the rest of your lineup with supportive abilities like healing, friendly buffs, debuff for the foe. Leaving home without these essential comrades will leave your army vulnerable and weak, since they function as a force multiplier for the rest of your team. Besides rarity and Type, each Champion also has an Affinity.In this game, you are assigned as the leader of groups of elves, orcs, humans, and other fantasy races as you travel around the world eradicating the forces of evil.

However, acquiring the materials for performing these rituals could be a bit tedious. As is usual in this type of games, there are several methods for receiving new characters in Raid: Shadow Legends. Of them all, the most common methods are through performing summonings, as well as by receiving them as a part of story events.

Due to the design of the game, the former is, by far, the most common method for acquiring new characters, and almost all your efforts will, in some way, be related to procuring the necessary materials to perform these rituals. In Raid: Shadow Legends, there are two main ingredients required for every summoning attempt: a shard of any quality, and a sum of silver that varies according to the type of summoning.

Furthermore, the type of fragment used in the summoning will have an important effect on the results of each attempt. With that being said, there are 4 types of summonings in this game:. There are many ways to find fragments in this game. The main method for obtaining mystery shards, for example, is by simply playing the game.

There are many tasks and missions that grant these shards as rewards. Furthermore, by playing at least 20 minutes every day, you will receive a free mystery shard. The higher-quality shards, however, are earned by participating in special tasks. Similarly, if you manage to save up enough gems, you may also purchase a shard pack from the store.

On the other hand, as we mentioned above, void shards can only be purchased in the store using real money. Finally, the sacred shards are the most important of them all since they have a decent chance—at least for gacha game standards—of resulting in legendary characters, which are among the strongest in the game. Luckily, there are many methods through which you can receive sacred shards in this game, though most of them require a considerable time investment.

The first method, which is the easiest, is by simply logging into the game for 28 consecutive days. For every consecutive day that you log in, you will receive an awesome prize and, in the end, you may also claim a sacred shard. Furthermore, you can pick up another free sacred shard as a reward for completing your monthly missions.

The progress missions are another way of obtaining a sacred shard and are progressively unlocked as you level up and complete story missions.Tablet: Not required.

raid shadow legends shard drop rates

Game Description: The kingdom of Telerius is threatened by the dark spell of the powerful Lord Cyroth. The arbiter, the immortal guardian of Telerius, brings back to life the ancient warriors who could stop the darkness.

And you are one of them. Here you will apply the talent of a strategist, take part in innovative PvE and PvP battles, assemble a team of unique heroes and bring victory to your clan in a team battle. Join the ranks of the Telerius warriors — and become a legend! Download World of Warships. The game is based on pumping and collecting heroes. The main goal is to select and develop an excellent team for the passage of the Company, the Dungeon and become a leader in the Arena.

There are a lot of heroes in the game, and each of them has its own meaning: some serve as an aid for the further development of powerful characters, others easily go through the company alone, and others are considered the coolest in the Arena. Champions are divided into several fractions:. So, the game has 12 fractions, but they do not affect the characteristics of the heroes, rather, it is part of the history of the game. Factional affiliation makes it possible to wear special Attributes.

If a thing belongs to one race, then a representative of another faction will not be able to take it. An attribute is a special jewelry, serves as an additional factor and affects the characteristics of the hero who wears it RAID Shadow Legends. The elements.

More characters are divided into elements of the elements. The first three elements are interconnected: Magic beats the Spirit, the Spirit is stronger than the Force, and the Force dominates the Magic. In the center of the triangle is Darkness, which has no weaknesses against other elements.

Poems influence development: each hero in the game can strengthen his initial skills with the help of special potions. Potions can be obtained from the elemental towers in the Underground.Furthermore, each champion belongs to one of the 13 factions, carries one of 4 affinities, and is either of the Attack, Defense, HP, or Defense role.

Besides this, each champion comes with a unique set of skills and playstyle. All these factors create a lot of diversity in the game, and the amount of champions creates an unbelievable amount of unique combinations when building your team.

raid shadow legends shard drop rates

Summoning new champions in the Portal costs shards and silver. Depending on which shard you use, your chance of summoning a champion of higher rarity chances.

Here is a list of all the shards in the game, the silver cost associated with them, and what rarities the champions you summon with these shards can be. There are several ways to obtain shards in the game, all of which we will cover in this post. Players can also get new champions through other means. Each time players complete stages in the campaign and defeat bosses, there is a small chance that the rewards include a new champion. The other way to obtain new champions in the game is through events and login-rewards.

By playing the game, you will earn some shards without even trying. However, if you wish to maximize the number of shards you earn and get your hands on some new champions as soon as possible, check out the following methods. Every single day, you can earn a series of rewards by playing for a certain amount of time.

After playing the game for 20 minutes, you can claim a Mystery Shard. To claim these rewards, press the hourglass icon right above the Battle button.

raid shadow legends shard drop rates

You can use this method every single day. Every 24 hours, you can claim a free Mystery Shard, and every seven days, you can claim a free Ancient Shard. Navigate to the pack shop by pressing the Shop button in the bottom left corner and then press the Packs tab.

By completing weekly and monthly quests, players earn various rewards such as energy, exp, and silver.

DRAGON DROP RATES! All Information Shown - RAID: Shadow Legends

However, each week and each month, players can earn the overall reward for completing a certain amount of quests. When you complete 6 weekly quests, you receive an Ancient Shard. When you complete 5 monthly quests, you receive a Sacred Shard. Furthermore, by completing 30 daily quests and claiming the reward, you receive a Void Shard.Raid: Shadow Legends OR.

Teleria trembles. The shadow cast by the Dark Lord Siroth grows longer with each day. Only one hope stands in defiance: You.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Answer the summons of the Arbiter to liberate the realm. Assemble an alliance of Champions and command them in arena battles, dungeon runs, clan boss fights, and story missions.

Discover a sprawling, fully voiced story campaign through 12 striking locations intertwined with PvP gameplay, forming one of the most cohesive gaming experiences in the battle collection RPG genre. Start raiding today and experience exhilarating clan-centered cooperative play, unprecedented skill customization, and a mind-boggling range of strategy.

May the Arbiter grant you victory! Balance the strengths and weaknesses of your Champions and mold them from an unruly band of mavericks into an invincible union of savagery. Devise your strategy and arm your Champions with potent artifacts to aid them in their crusade.

Level them up to launch powerful special skills, AOE attacks, and more as you put them in action. With limitless challenges, victory goes to the player who best knows the Champions, teams, and strategies needed to dominate Raid. Challenge Yourself in the PvP Arena Confront other players in heated arena battles to unlock special gear and ascend the rankings. Study every battle and learn from it to turn your team into a force of nature.

Scale the top of the rankings to access rarer items to ascend your Champions. Join a Clan and raid shoulder to shoulder with your noble compatriots to rise up the Clan Rankings, claim Clan Activity bonuses, and collaborate on dungeon runs against vicious Demon Lords. Hold courage close and make the call of your Clan echo through Teleria.Playing this game must require some legal raid shadow legends cheats and hacks that can help you for survival in this game.

In this article, I am giving you information about all the tips and tricks that can make your gameplay joyful. But before that, I will provide an overview of the game and what the game is all about. The game will take you into the world of Teleria, and you have to save that world by placing the prominent warriors from the forces of darkness and light. You have to give training to these champions for fighting together, shape them into living weapons, and gather the most legendary raiding parties ever seen.

You will win the battles by planning master strategies for defeating the dozens of fights, crush enemies and slay dragons in the PVP area. However, the primary purpose of this article is to help you progress in your game quick and easy by providing you with the legit raid shadow legends hacks and cheats.

Page Contents. The game contains some of the fresh graphics, and if you want to unlock some of the additional features, then you have to finish the level as soon as possible.

At the beginning of the game, you are enticed to lots of things because the game is very thrilling. I will highly recommend you to level up faster as early as possible until you unlock the dungeons. Because these dungeons are filled with rewards and loot that you will require to do progress in your game. Once you open the dungeons then you can level up faster that might be beyond your thoughts.

You can even earn summon shards and free gems as early as you pass with the levels. In short, what you have to do is to choose your favorite hero and start leveling it up. Making use of sparring pit will help you to level up a hero without adding into your party, you only have to select the hero whom you want to level up.

This method is the best raid shadow legends hack if you get a new hero and want to level up by not wasting a slot in party.

If you want to get some additional rewards then completing missions, challenges and quests are the best raid shadow legends hack for free gems. If you want to grab some extra loot then grinding and farming is not sufficient, there is much more to explore in this game and obtain additional resources that may contain gems as well.

In case want to boost up your progress in the game quickly, then you must be aware that there are many other things like quests, challenges, and missions through which you can get extra benefits for making your gameplay better.

Some items required for your gameplay cannot be gained by any other method. So this is one of the reliable sources of obtaining resources in raid shadow legends. There are some events for a limited time period in this game organized by game developers that are beneficial for you. You will be notified whenever these kinds of events are held.