Category Mgb ignition coil wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

Mgb ignition coil wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

Print this page. This thread is from the archive. I don't trust anthing the PO did and The wiring to the new coil doesn't look right to me. Question: Is CB the negative side? A W wire is connected to the positive side of the coil, the book showes the W wire connected to the SW side of the coil.

Question: is SW the positive side? It seems to me that CB means contact breaker and should be pos. It seems to me that SW means switch and should be pos. The igniter diagram shows white to pos and black to neg termenals of the coil. Do I eliminate the condenser? The coil might be an old one from a positive ground car. My 68 has a Sports Coil, not the stock coil in it, so I am not sure of the markings used on the early cars. The later model cars, using a resistor wire, were marked with a plus and minus sign.

If this is an early coil, the SW terminal was hooked to the switch which was negative. The CB was, as you suggest, the contact breaker circuit which was positive. I am told that a coil will function best when the connections are made to the proper terminal--i. Others have stated that while the coil will fire connected in either direction, correcting it in an incorrect manner results in a reduced potential output. Assuming that you have an older coil, the connections you show would be correct for the current flow of a coil used with a positive ground system.

Unfortunately, I do not know sufficient to give you an absolute answer. The Moss catalog suggests that the positive ground coils part number had a screw in terminal on the nose of the coil.

How A Wiring Harness is Taped.

The coil had a nose designed to be used with a push on HT lead. I would suggest that you examine the nose section of the coil and, if the interior is threaded, you assume it is a positive ground coil and leave it hooked up as it is currently. If there are no internal threads, it would be the later coil and the connections should be swapped. Perhaps someone will have the number that should be on the bottom of the proper coil and can post that.

Les, Thanks for the input. The coil is new from Moss. I replaced the old one wire for wire unfotunatly I didn't keep the old one it's possible it was an old pos gnd. My neighbore who sells used cars stopped by and also said it would work either way so I gave it a shot and started it. Never ran so good but it does backfire when I let off the gas. Perhaps it is reversed. Ken, the backfire when letting off can also be caused by an air leak in the exhaust or intake system.

John, Thanks for the back fire note. I reversed the wires on the coil and as my Air Force buddys say " No Joy" wouldnt even start. Put the wires back and she fires right up.PerTronix manufactures the aftermarket's finest ignition products for enthusiasts who want to upgrade the spark in their system resulting in a noticeable gain in horsepower.

mgb ignition coil wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

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About PerTronix Ignition Products With the tremendous growth of the performance industry in the 90's, PerTronix began to shift our emphasis to our automotive product offering. Easy Returns Have confidence in your purchase with hassle-free returns. Technical Knowhow Always call us first!

Our qualified team is available to answer all your questions. Enthusiast Guidance Overwhelmed with your options?The Willys Jeep Ignition System. The method by which an internal combustion engine is powered comes from burning a fuel and air mixture in the engine cylinders under compression.

Ignition Basics

The gases are ignited by a spark made to jump a small gap in the spark plug within each combustion chamber. The ignition system provides this spark. The spark must occur in each cylinder at precisely the proper time, and the spark in the other cylinders must follow in the correct sequence of firing order.

In order to accomplish this the following units are required:. General diagram of the wiring system and relative position of electrical components in the ignition system. Direct replacement for all 12 volt systems. Comes complete with cap and simple wire hook up with instructions. Does away with old points and moving parts of original distributors. Call Mike Kaiserwillys. Q: What type of coil can be used? If coil requires a ballast resistor, do the internal electronics replace the resistor or do I still need to use it?

Do I remove the stock condenser? Get Connected. Stay Inspired. Build Your Willys. Hi Patrick, unfortunately no one makes one in 6 volt. If you have any other parts or tech questions feel free to give Mike M. Do you have an electronic ignition for 6 volt systems. Hi Ken, the black wire should be positive and the blue wire negative. Here is a link to the distributor install guide if you need further assistance.

Let us know if you have any more questions!

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Many thanks, Ken. Hi Erik, Yes the electronic ignition distributor is an improvements over the points system, the points are subject to mechanical wear and require regular adjustment. They are usually stamped internal or external.

How can I check if my coil has a resistor? What are the specifications of the ballast resistor if required? Name required. Mail will not be published required. Have a Willys Jeep for sale or looking for one to buy? Visit www. ThursdayFebruary 2 nd In order to accomplish this the following units are required: Batterythis supplies the electrical energy.

Ignition Coiltransforms the battery low tension current to high tension current which can jump the spark plug gap in the cylinders under compression. Distributordelivers the spark to the correct cylinders and used the mechanical breaker, this opens and closes the primary circuit at the exact time. Spark Plugsprovide the gap in the engine cylinders. Wiringconnects the various units.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Please wait Please tell us how we could improve your experience. Gift Ideas Accessories Audio Exterior Interior Safety Equipment Cylinder Head Electronic Fuel Injection 2.

mgb ignition coil wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

Engine Controls External Engine Internal Engine Oil System Superchargers Cooling System Air Filters Carburetors Emissions 5. Intake Manifold 6. Exhaust Exhaust System Clutch Brakes Brake Components Brake Controls 1. Front Suspension Rear Suspension Steering Any manual should have a wiring diagram Haynes is fine. You may find it helpful to enlarge the page to 11x17 with a photocopier and trace circuits with coloured pencils. Most electrical problems are caused by:.

I recommend replacing the fuse box outright if it looks old and corroded. It is an inexpensive part and will save you a lot of headaches down the road. A pink eraser or grit sandpaper can be used to clean contacts, and a smear of dialectric grease will help prevent future corrosion. Many British designed vehicles use colour coded cables to assist in identifying the various circuits in use.

Note that these colour codes may not apply directly to older cars. For example, the wipers on cars up to at least are not on a separate fuse circuit, so they are not orange, but green. Check the schematic for your car to be certain. Many of the usual suspects carry Lucas bullet connectors. A few carry reproduction wiring harnesses. But very few carry the properly color-coded wire, and most of those only carry a small selection of colors and sizes. They have every color combination listed above, in lots of sizes, as well as connectors, clamps, lamp fixtures and other random bits and pieces that you'll need.

I've been very happy with the products I receive from them. Be warned that wire is often backordered and may take a couple of weeks to arrive. They have a nice catalog that's free. Did you find this article useful? Do you have a question or comment about this article? Leave a rating or a comment below, and get instant reply notification via email If you have a long question, or a question not directly related to this article, please start a new topic in the Discussion Forums.Want to print this out?

Click here to view as a printable PDF. Remove the distributor cap, rotor arm, contact points and condenser carefully, retaining the screws and withdraw the wires through the distributor body. Test fit the module first and then apply the silicone grease provided 3 small dots only to the underside of the module baseplate, leave the screws fitted. If your kit is already on a plate then the heat grease is on out of the box.

Ensure that there is good continuity from the kit plate to the points baseplate through the internal earth wire inside the distributor. If there is not one present you may need to add one to give good continuity to the kit. Check there is sufficient slack in the wires inside the distributor body for the base plate to turn when a vacuum unit is fitted, inserting the rubber plug to seal and secure the wires in the distributor body, use a small cable tie to keep these out of the way of moving parts.

Fit the new black trigger ring pressing down gently onto the shaft. On occasion the ring can be tight and may need to be carefully rubbed to make it wider. Only do this to make minor alterations. Fit the rotor arm and rotate the spindle to check there is clearance between the module and the trigger, and that the rotor arm does not foul the module. Failure to connect the wires correctly will result in damage to the Powerspark module.

Refit the distributor cap, start the engine and check the dynamic ignition timing and adjust where necessary. If you have a positive ground vehicle you will need to either convert to negative ground or have one of our Positive Earth Powerspark kits. You can set the timing dynamic with a strobe light with points engine running and with electronic system you can do the same.

Setting the timing is recommended once you have fitted one of our electronic kits. Setting by dynamic is the best and most accurate way to adjust the timing. Make sure that the ignition switch terminal to which you connect this wire has power only when the ignition switch is in the ON position.

mgb ignition coil wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

The black magnet sleeve should not rub against red ignition module, but exact gap is not critical. It may be necessary to gently pry red ignition module away from black magnet sleeve to keep them from rubbing together.

Standard Lucas or Bosch coil or one of our standard points type coils is recommended.The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Thank you for your support in these very strange times! Below are wiring diagrams specific the The Dub Shop.

If you would like a more generic type diagram please refer to the manual of the ECU you are using. Those can be found hererefer to the hardware manual section. General Relay Board Wiring. Here are the basic harness legs included in a Fuel Only application, or a complete installation. These are the additional wiring harness components added to the Fuel Only system found at the top.

Understanding Breaker Point Ignition Systems

Connecting your Innovate LC-2 wideband controller to the relay board and optional dash gauge. LS2 Logic coils running as wasted spark to MS2 v3. Preventing engine run-on when with aftermarket Ignition Special care must be taken to ensure the cathode stripe side is in the proper orientation This can also be installed at the dash bulb for a clean engine bay.

Distributor Based Fuel Only. LC2 Wideband Controller.

mgb ignition coil wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

Detailed Relay Board Wiring.