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Daryl dixon imagines masterlist

Daydreaming bookworm, problem solver by day, writer, and Pinterest addict by night. You look out from your post on the gate at Alexandria and feel the hairs on your arm stand on end. You rush down the ladders of the tower and run over to the gate tugging it open, about the same time you hear footsteps jogging over to you and see Sasha approaching. You hold him as best as you can and try and ignore the buzzing sensation working its way through your body.

Daryl puts his arm around your shoulder and you prop him up, trying to take some of the weight from his injured ankle. You could lose a few.

You kick the door shut with your foot, and help him through to the sitting room easing him onto the sofa. He settles back, his breath ragged. Want me to take a look at it? He nods his head, you get on your knees and undo the lace of his boots and gently ease it off. He hisses through his teeth, you pull the sock down and grimace.

This is gonna need an ice pack and rest. After a few moments curiosity gets the better of and you look through the crack, taking in his back scarred but strong and beautiful. His biceps, his butt, you lick your lips and feel warmth pool somewhere low and intimate as he turns the shower on and drops his boxers to the floor.

You close your eyes and turn away, and only go back into the bathroom when Daryl shouts you. You find it hard to look him in the eyes, he has a towel wrapped around his waist and you feel your body reacting to being so close to his half naked body and lick your lips as he puts his arm around your shoulder once more.

I was just making sure you were ok.When everything starts Merle makes him leave without you. However, you survive and become a soldie of Woodbury.

daryl dixon imagines masterlist

One day you meet Daryl. If there was one thing I had learned during my time as a Woodbury soldier it was this: War…war never changes. War makes you hate your neighbor even in a time were we should stand united. Because united we stand, but separated we fall. It took me a while to accept my new life.

I had been happily living with my husband and his brother before all this started, I had never spared a thought about a possible apocalypse. In the aftermath it at some point occurred to me that maybe it was better to be prepared for everything, no matter how impossible it might seem.

Like the dead crawling out of their graves and inhabiting the world, or humans torturing other humans just for the fun of it, or seeing my husband whom I thought dead again. It was the day after our peaceful city had been attacked by raiders. They claimed we had captured two of their members. But even if that had been true, how would it justify brutally shooting down and murdering ten other innocent people!?

The answer was as simple as it was disillusioning: those who were to hold accountable were never the ones to suffer. It always affected the innocent. In the end, war killed all innocence.

The next day one of the culprits was supposed to face trial or at least what the Governor understood as trial. Fighting to death, that was the only trial he knew. And it pleased the citizens. I usually tried to ignore these set-up matches but this time something lured me in.

Maybe because this time the people fighting were actual enemies of our community. But for whatever reason, I was there and when I saw the man who was supposed to fight my heart dropped. I knew him. It was in this very moment that all my hard work paid off. The Governor trusted me enough to actually listen to me instead of having me removed before I could open my mouth. Then who is he? The Governor hesitated. Looking me up and down he was seemingly weighing my proposal. After a while he raised his hand to silence the crowd.

Within seconds you could hear a pin drop and the Governor cleared his throat. I thought the same when she asked me to cancel this very important match. Probably for dramatic purposes, but it was nevertheless annoying for me, the person waiting for an answer.Starring Raphael as the typical high school jock, Leonardo as the poetic and wise class president.

Donatello, the sarcastic science genius and Michelangelo, the party animal. How will their lives intertwine, and what has life got in store for them? Below you will find all of the different parts and options for this choose your own ending story! I really liked writing this, I hope you enjoy it! Support My Blog Coming Soon.

It had to be nearing a hundred degrees out today. The sun was beaming down relentlessly, not a cloud in the sky - making it the hottest day of the summer yet. You were busy most of the day, and just your luck it was all outdoor work. Everyone was dripping in sweat as you worked in the crops and on building up weak spots in the fences. Your hair was matted down to your face by the time that you finished. Rick decided to call it a day, seeing as it was unbearably hot and sunny.

The Walking Dead

One of the woman from Alexandria mentioned that she was planning on swimming in the pond at the center of the community, which sounded like an amazing idea to you.

There were dresses, shorts, bathing suits, socks, all kinds of miscellaneous stuff. Eventually you found a bathing suit in your size, a plain black bikini. The four of you changed and headed out to the pond with your clothes and towels. You felt a little self conscious being so exposed, not missing the bewildered look Rick shot you guys when you passed him at the house.

Keep reading. I hope everyone is staying safe - we will get through this! You had been making little presents for Daryl ever since the prison. You had gifted him a poncho, which he loved and still had to this day.

daryl dixon imagines masterlist

You like to put your skills to use to crochet clothes and blankets for the people of Alexandria and Hilltop. You tended to be the person that everyone went to when they needed something mended or blankets needed made for winter approaching. Whenever you had down time, you would work on little gifts for different people - Daryl being the most common one.

He still gets shy to this day when you gift him different things, whether it be something you made him or something you found on a run. You love Daryl and look for any opportunity to spoil him. This had all come about because you gifted Judith with a handmade quilt.If I ever write anything that crosses any lines, please let me know.

Also, I know I wrote this a little ambiguously but I hope you enjoy anon. Daryl Imagines Here for our precious redneck baby, I am open to imagine requests. Imagines Masterlist. Warnings: Mentions of abuse, scars. When I had survived alone, I felt free enough to wear skimpy vests. Letting my skin breathe felt like heaven.

daryl dixon imagines masterlist

That was in the winter, and hiding my scars from my new family had been easy and painless. Now with spring in the air, my anxiety rose along with the pollen count. I felt people stare, confused but far too polite to question my outfit choice during our quick run into town. My long sleeves agitating my every move. Just the occasional nod of assurance or grunt.

Those observant eyes of his burned almost hot as the Georgia sun, I felt every lingering look pierce me; questioning me. I avoided him as much as possible. Today however, luck was not on my side. We were ambushed outside of the store, a small group of men jumped out of a parked van. Daryl had taken a hit, a bullet wound to his shoulder. Stubborn as the hunter was, he paced beside his bike, huffing and grumbling. Before Glenn lost his mind, I stepped up.

He stared me down, and I made sure to show the sincerity in my eyes. He looked down at his feet, nodding briefly. Everyone boarded their vehicles, including me, the pressure of riding his precious bike weighing me down.Originally posted by kendaspntwd. Take a deep breath, Sarah thought, as she held the gun in her hand and looked at the target that was standing before her.

They had been at the Greene farm for almost a week now, and they had decided that those who wanted it, could be taught how to shoot a gun properly. She closed her eyes for a moment, took a deep breath and opened them again. When she was sure her gun was aimed at the target, she pulled the trigger. She stumbled back a little as the gun went off and she watched as the bullet went through the air and hit her target perfectly.

She had spent most of the morning missing the target, or a little off the target. A small smile appeared on her face, and she turned around to tell Shane, but as she turned around to tell him, he was at the other end of the line-up helping Andrea, and her heart dropped a little. They had been going out for almost 2 years, since before the break-out started, but in the last couple of days, he had become distant to her, and almost the whole group. She could feel her heart beating rather quickly. Daryl reached around her, and took her hands in his and lifted her hands so that the gun was pointing at the target.

She could feel him breathing on her neck, but she needed to concentrate. Daryl let go of her and stepped back. She watched as it hit the target once more, which made her smile. She was a little taken back, and pulled away. Shane looked a little offended, but Sarah looked embarrassed.

She could hear him calling her name, but she ignored him and kept walking. A lot of things were going through her mind at that moment, but the main thing she was thinking about Daryl and how close he had gotten.

Seeing him running towards her calmed her down a little. Do you want to come? Sarah thought about it for a second. Without saying another word, she turned around and walked back to the camp.

She needed to get away, just for a couple of hours, and Daryl was her ticket out. Daryl joined her a couple of minutes later. When they reached his bike, he jumped on, and held his hand out for her to take so he could help her on the bike. Sarah took his hand and sat down behind him, and wrapped her arms around his waist, but not too tightly. The bike suddenly came alive, and she held on tight as he took off down the pathway, and she closed her eyes as she felt the wind on her face, and she could feel herself smile.

The trip to the nearest town had probably taken them at least half an hour, and when they reached the town, she was glad to see that there were hardly any Walkers around.

She glanced at Daryl and saw him smiling to himself. Sarah nodded her head, and the two of them walked towards the first shop. Daryl walked over to the window, and glanced inside. It was rather dark, and he could barely hear anything. He walked over to the door, and slowly opened it up.

Sarah followed him inside, grabbing her knife from off her belt and held it tight in case any Walkers attacked them.Some canon divergences. Set in season 7, 8 and sort of 9.

Follows the events of season 1 and 2. At least, until a group of survivors in need take shelter in the farm. Mentions of abuse and quite a lot of self-deprecating thoughts…and in the midst of all that, quite a lot of fluff too and also slow burn. Inspired by the request: The reader used to have an emotionally and physically abusive ex and the group runs into her ex and his group and shit hits the fan and the reader gets hurt.

It starts with the Reader settling into the camp at the quarry, before s1 and then follows the show events and storyline, more or less, but with the Reader in it, until the end of season 8. My first twd fic. Between season 2 and 3. By luck, or rather bad luck, just the next day Daryl ends up it that same bed, badly hurt.

Daryl Dixon/Norman Reedus Imagines — He never had someone willing to die for him before

Or: Me indulging in how much I want to take care of Daryl, comfort him, and protect him from everything. Prison era. Badass but rather insecure reader and shy, confused Daryl. Request turned mini-series of eight chapters. Teen Daryl. Request turned mini-series. Pt2 Pt3. Do you want me to write you a drabble? Send me one of this prompts!

Daryl Imagines

Not bad. You sign with a southern accent. The following morning, you and Daryl awake in the same position as the previous morning, but this time far more peacefully, at your own pace. Jesus comes back into the trailer to check on you both, finding you both dressed for the day and about to head out, but then the sound of Maggie yelling catches all of your attention.

The three of you file out of the trailer, and you see Maggie being hugged by an unfamiliar bearded man, with a group behind him. The bearded man parts from Maggie, his gaze falling on Daryl and quickly turning tearful as he approaches him. This must be Rick.

Daryl/OC -- I'll Be Good [Fanfiction part 1]

Rick frowns at you curiously, not needing to ask for Daryl to introduce you. She got me out, it was all her. You hold your hand out to Rick, expecting a handshake, but he nods at you and pulls you into a hug. Rick turns to face everyone, the group of strangers to you share silent, emotional, hopeful smiles, and you get the sense that there are no words strong enough for them use in this moment.

The very obvious leader heads for the mansion, and you find yourself falling in behind him with the rest of group. Gregory shakes his head, his eyes glancing at you every few seconds in what you guess is fear as a result of your introductory speech to him.Get on your knees! S7E8 reunion. You promise? I promise. I surrender. One Mississipi. The Sheriffs Daughter. Stop Pushing Me Away. The Night We Met. The dixons. Rick x reader x Negan. Negan x Reader x Daryl. Death at Birth. Rick saves negans life.

Poke Wars. The Talk. I Need You. Say Something. Study Break. Tickles and Kisses. Just Friends? The Actor and The Photographer. First Christmas. Truth or Dare Gone Right. Part 2. Part 3. The Storm. Harbinger of Doom. Part 4. Part 5. Part 7. Be Carefu l. Past and Future. Cold as Ice.